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Audit and assurance

The annual audits and assurance engagements we carry out on your behalf, enable you to fulfil your statutory compliance duties. Although auditing your accounts can be seen as something of a chore, it’s an activity that can add real value to your business by revealing opportunities to save cost and/or improve efficiency.

Finding out what makes your business tick

Auditing allows us to gain a complete understanding of your requirements, your business, your aims and your ambitions. It identifies current and potential issues and risks — i.e., the strengths and weaknesses within your business. Those insights can be used to improve your financial and operational performance and develop practical solutions to the latent challenges within your business. Digging deep into your numbers, enables us to work with you to develop strategies and help you determine the direction your business should take.

Let’s talk

Our preference is to adopt an ‘open’ and collaborative approach to our audit and assurance engagements. Encouraging your people and ours to exchange information and ideas, allows us to get ‘under the skin’ of your business.

On completion of the audit, we give you a report which itemises areas of your business that merit your attention. Typical of the issues we identify would be opportunities for improving your accounting procedures and controls, options for enhancing the quality of your financial reporting or where costs can be reduced.


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