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Auto enrollment

Every business in the UK which employs one or more workers is required — by law — set up a workplace pension scheme. The scheme started in 2012, when the very biggest businesses began enrolling employees into workplace pension schemes. By February 2018, any business which has one or more employees must provide an acceptable workplace pension scheme.

How Auto Enrolment affects you

As an employer, you’ll be required to automatically enrol every eligible worker into your scheme, pay money into the scheme on their behalf and deduct contributions to the scheme from each employee’s weekly or monthly pay. There are rules governing the minimum level of contributions the employer and employee must pay.

Who qualifies?

To qualify for Auto Enrolment, the employee must normally work in the UK under a contract of employment, be at least 22 years of age (or under State Pension age) and earning no less than £10,000 a year. Even those employees who do not meet the eligibility criteria still have the right to be enrolled in your workplace pension scheme.

Over and above choosing and providing a suitable scheme, enrolling employees into it and making and managing contributions, some of your other pension scheme duties as an employer include....

  • Registering your scheme with The Pensions Regulator
  • Keeping full, accurate and up to date records
  • Re-enrolling ‘opt outs’ periodically
  • Checking that your current scheme (if you have one) meets the requirements of an automatic enrolment pension scheme

We can source, implement and run your auto enrolment scheme and ensure that it satisfies the rules, regulations and complexities. 

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